Our brands

Peerless Flooring works hand in hand with its partners to become the best floor covering supplier out there. With a niche carpet offering selected for the US market, the Peerless Flooring team has all that it takes to meet your needs and requirements. Selecting our customers with care and expanding our reach within our capacity is what makes us a good partner. We make sure we service our customers in our best abilities. Service and care is what we do best after crafting great carpet.



Peerless Flooring is a North American carpet manufacturer that services the United States. We love to think we offer the best flooring adapted to today’s market. With over 65 years of experience, we believe we’ve created the best fiber, construction and color pairings to service any retailer or project manager. 

Peerless Flooring innovates in creating the best tools for all consumers. We understood the difficulties that retailers, designers and consumers had to go through to make their projects come to life. We listened and introduced a new shopping system.   

Thoughtful Merchandising

At Peerless Flooring, we reflect on the best practices in the industry to set our own standards. Our merchandising is a silent sales tool. We’ve put thought behind how it all comes together to help the customer focus on making the best decision possible for his living space. 

We specialize in carpet distribution yet supply some hard surfaces for commercial projects only.

We specialize in the distribution of carpets, but we only supply certain hard surfaces for commercial projects.

You cannot pretend to know the flooring industry without catering to the contract business and this is what we are all about. At Peerless Contract, we stand out by our avant-garde designs and by the quality of our products. You can get creative with our broadloom carpets, thanks to our d.i.design (dye-injected design) technology or our LCL patterns! You simply need to choose the design and colors from our wide selection. Let your own designs amaze you by adding your personal touch to your project. Peerless Contract also offers a wide array of trendy carpet tiles and resilient products. With innovative coloration and designs, combined with the perfect product, your options are limitless!