Flooring features

Because flooring is a considerable part of your home, we know how important it is to make it as safe and secure as possible for your family. Which is the sole reason why our products are tested. What does that mean? It states that we ensure the products that make their way to our warehouses, retail stores and your homes and tested and surpass the industry quality standards. Other certifications and treatments are also apart of our quality process in making the best product we could. Put our flooring to the test! We know we did!


If you have carpets at home, you know that lingering smells can be a problem. But there’s one solution: ScentGuardTM. It's a natural odor neutralizer that is eco-friendly and does not contain any harmful chemicals, making it easy for you and your family to enjoy every moment in the comfort of your home. It's a fast-acting and fragrance-free treatment, captures and breaks down odors, shortens the time it takes for common household odors to disappear and keeps your carpet fresh longer! ScentGuard acts fast. In 90 minutes, 90% of the odors are gone. ScentGuard treated carpets have been tested and are known to reduce cigarette, urine and cooking smells, as well as other unwanted odors.


SoilScreen is a soil resistance treatment that will help keep your carpets fresh and new longer by working as a protective screen. Because it keeps the soil on the surface, your carpets are easier to clean.


There’s a persistent myth that carpets are always dirty. Some treatments like Stain Control® offer resistance to the most stubborn stains, which makes soft floorings even more durable. It prevents soil stains as well and stops you from worrying about all the little accidents that can happen in a day such as spills, dirt and most of the stains you can think of.

Green Label Plus

Today, the quality of our indoor air is an important environmental and health consideration, especially since we spend most of our time indoors. The Green Label Plus® program sets one of the highest standards for indoor air quality, thus ensuring that customers are purchasing the very lowest volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitting products on the market and symbolizing the carpet industry’s commitment to a better environment for living, learning and healing.

Stainproof for Life

Peerless Flooring presents the Stainproof For Life warranty!
Carpet has been one of the most popular floor coverings in homes for years. One of the main advantages of carpets is that they are available in a wider selection of design possibilities with more textures, patterns and colors than any other flooring. With modern fibers and new manufacturing technologies, today’s carpets are well beyond the antiquated ones of yesteryears! They have many added benefits besides infinite design possibilities, including cushioned comfort underfoot, sound insulation and improved indoor air quality.