Market segments

Peerless Flooring caters to many market segments when it comes to flooring goods. Whether for a home renovation, a condo project, a rebuild or commercial goods, you’ll find what you need through a representative, a retailer or a specifier. Use the “Contact us” section of our website to get all the help you need. 

Retail market segments

Depending on who you are, you either cater to the retail or commercial side of the flooring business. Retail segments touch all flooring projects that have to do with home installations, whether renovations, new constructions or property management. The retail vocation is to create living spaces.

New construction

The construction industry is experiencing continuous growth and we are a great partner to meet construction site requirements and needs. In fact, our products are certified and show the best certifications in the market. We work in association with many recognized contractors for the next homeowners, commercial space users and hospitality industry visitors to enjoy a safe floor covering. 


Home Renovation

We only replace our flooring a couple of times in a lifetime and we know that. Which is why we offer the best products for your home renovations, even some you can install on your own! If that’s what you’re hoping to do, look for our “Easy to install” feature while shopping for your next flooring. Our retailers will be glad to help you find the best one for your family.

Property management

Contractor or project manager? We will work hand in hand with you and our closest retailer. Choose from our good-better-best product offering to satisfy your consumers’ needs because that’s what it comes down to. We showcase the right colors and the right designs in both soft and hard surfaces to meet all the specifications your projects may require. Our products also come with peace of mind because they hold some of the best certifications.


Having to resort to insurance is never a fun situation and most of our retailers can deal directly with your insurance company to make it that much easier for you and your family. Return to your home with a brand new flooring that was easy to replace. Use our store locator for more information. 


Contract market segments

While residential segments involve the home, the commercial side of things involves high-traffic areas such as airports, hotels, corporate businesses and so much more. These market segments require sturdy and durable flooring to meet their needs. 

Senior Living

Today, many of our seniors are looking for different options beyond owning their own home. Differing physical and emotional needs directly impact where one chooses to live in comfort, safety and to experience a new chapter of life. These spaces need to be vibrant and functional not only for residents but for caregivers. The flooring that you choose must be durable and easily maintained to support the diverse needs of this segment.


Today’s office workplaces are evolving around the comfort of their employees and their clients’ needs. Business workplaces need to create spaces that foster performance by providing retreat areas and a new ambiance in the contemporary work environment. All this requires a mix of floor covering materials that create a harmonious look as well as a sense of wellbeing in today’s modern workplace. Look for our commercial grade floor covering options to create that flexible space.


We support the transformation happening in the government workplace today with products that meet and exceed employee needs as well as all environmental requirements. Our products embody environmental and performance specification characteristics that provide ROI value for your clients. We meet CRI's Green Label Plus IAQ standards, third party certifications, along with Floor Score certification ensuring our products are safe and will perform to your expectations. 

Students are the future of our society and providing a comfortable learning environment is essential for their success and pursuit of their goals and aspirations. Beaulieu Canada’s commercial brand, Peerless Contract, offers a variety of floor covering solutions. Our commercial carpet and modular carpet tiles provide a quiet work space for students to study and learn. Our luxury vinyl planks and tiles and engineered luxury vinyl planks and tiles have antimicrobial and waterproof characteristics along with sound‑deadening qualities that work well in areas where additional durability and acoustic traits are required.


In retail, it has been proven that a space that creates a great ambiance engages customers and becomes a destination of choice that inspires your clients’ overall shopping experience. Create that perfect shopping experience with the many different floor covering options from carpet, modular carpet tiles,  luxury vinyl tiles and engineered luxury vinyl planks, rubber and cork flooring as well as acoustical wall-to-wall coverings that will perform flawlessly in your retail space.


We believe that design principles in creating a healthy healing environment is based on many decisions. The calming power of a soft surface material helps reduce noise levels and provides a reduction of injuries that are related to falls. Resilient products such as our luxury vinyl tiles and engineered luxury vinyl planks that are antimicrobial and waterproof help create the healthy home ambiance.